Friday, March 1, 2013

Natto Shiitake Soup

This recipe is for a very busy soup.  The broth is flavorful, although for me there were too many ingredients and not enough liquid.  The most important flavoring ingredients here are the chives, dash, miso paste, and dried shiitake mushrooms (which impart a different flavor than fresh ones).  The rest of the ingredients are more or less dynamic, so you can easily substitute or add vegetables and protein sources.  I recommend still including some form of seaweed, however it is not necessary.
The current ingredients yield two normal or one massive serving.
Next time I make this soup, I will keep the ingredients the same but add closer to 2.5 cup / 600mL water.


1 small turnip
1 small carrot
1T / 3g dashi granules
1-2 chives
4 dried shiitake mushrooms
1T / 7g brown rice miso paste
4 strands dried seaweed
1T / 3g dulse flakes
1 package / ~80g natto
1.5 cup / 355mL water
1 filet of fish (included in procedure) or tofu, cubed


The night before making this soup, steam raw fish fillets until they are cooked to your liking.  Into the steaming liquid, add copious garlic, ginger, and parsley.
note: I had rainbow trout, steamed it for 25 minutes, and added approximately half of a sliced root ginger, ten sprigs chopped parsley, and three cloves garlic.
The night before, also submerge the shiitake in cold, filtered water, or cover in hot water for 30 minutes before beginning to cook.  After soaking, cut each mushroom into fourths.  Slice the stems into thin rounds.
Slice the turnip into thin rounds.  Cut the carrot into matchsticks.
The dulse flakes are responsible for the soup's
ugliness, but also for much of its flavor.
Place turnip, water, dashi granules and soaked shiitake into a pot.  Bring to a boil and quickly reduce heat to medium-low.
note: if you want your carrot soft, you can add it to the water in this step, as well.
Cover your seaweed strips in cold water and let them sit for five minutes as you do the next step.
While the seaweed soaks, mash the natto and the miso paste together, to make it more or less one mixture.  Stir it into the soup.  Add chives, and carrots, if you did not to so previously.
Remove the seaweed strips from the water and rinse them very well.
Into a bowl, place your fish fillet or sliced tofu.  Garnish with seaweed strips, and pour broth over.
Sprinkle dulse flakes on top and serve immediately.


  1. Lots of ingredients for the soup, it should be good! I like the bowl.

    1. Thanks! I hope I don't break the bowl soon, its so droppable...