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My name is Anna, I'm responsible for all of the recipes on the blog Squiggytron Cooks.
In my blog you should find recipes for sweets, not-sweets, and restaurant reviews.  Although I live in the USA, my entire family is Russian, and when I created Squiggytron Cooks I meant to introduce a non-Russian audience to Russian foods.  In addition, I wanted to document some successful recipes for various sweets and everyday meals.

Here are some (maybe) fun facts about me which can help you determine whether or not you trust my recipes enough to make them for yourself.

Favorite foods: okroshka, syrniki, black liquorice (esp. salmiak), millet porridge, mamaliga, wholemilk plain yoghurt, Tula gingerbread, figs, Soviet ice cream stakanchik, baozi, organ meats prepared proper, cucumber

Favorite drinks: kvas, black coffee, tie guan yin, genmaicha, kuding infusion, long jing, milk either from Europe or fresh from a cow/goat/what have you, kombucha, hot chocolate

Favorite sorts of cuisine: Japanese, Chinese, Ethiopian, Icelandic, French

Thanks for visiting!

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