Saturday, November 23, 2013

Speedy Rosemary Sugar Cookies

I read this recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction for sugar cookies, and decided to make something very similar for my mother, who is a rosemary aficionado.  The cookies are super soft, smell strongly of rosemary, and are just fine without any topping-- though I think they're much prettier with the icing.
My take on the recipe takes less time than Sally's, because I skip the long chilling of the dough.  But do bear in mind that my kitchen is freezing-- if you are in a warmer house, you may want to chill the dough for an hour or so before baking the cookies, to avoid excessive spreading.


For cookies:

1 stick / 115g unsalted butter at room temperature
3/4 cup / 220g white sugar
1 egg
1 tsp / 5mL vanilla extract
1 Tbsp / 3g rosemary leaves
2 tsp / 3g baking powder
1 1/2 cups / 190g white flour

For frosting:

3/4 cup / 100g powdered sugar
2-5 tsp / 5-20mL milk
1 tsp / 5mL vanilla
2 tsp / 2g rosemary leaves
1/4 tsp / .5g dried lemon zest


Line 3 baking sheets with parchment paper.
Beat butter until it is light and fluffy.
Cream sugar and butter, then stir in vanilla extract and egg.
Add rosemary leaves and stir until smooth.
In a separate bowl, combine baking powder, salt, and flour.
Mix dry and wet ingredients.
Roll dough into little columns, about half the size of your index finger, and about 1 inch/2cm diameter.
Place these dough columns far, far apart on the cookie sheets-- you'll end up with about 10 cookies per sheet.  The column shape makes the cookies tall and fluffy, not flat, as they spread out.
After rolling all of the dough, place the baking sheets in a cold place.  Fridge, freezer, or cold outdoors (covered, of course!)
Set oven to 350˚F / 180˚C.
Bake cookies for eight minutes.  They will be white when you take them out.
Let cool on sheets for about five minutes, then transfer to cooling rack.

Make the icing:
Combine powdered sugar, lemon zest, and rosemary.
Stir in vanilla extract, then add milk until everything is just smooth.
Immediately drizzle over cooled cookies and let harden for seven minutes.