Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grapefruit Greek Yoghurt Parfait

This is a tasty, protein-rich yoghurt recipe.  You could either make it for breakfast, or prepare it in a small jar-like container and have it for lunch.  Many elements in the recipe can be adjusted to suit what you have in your kitchen.  I will definitely be using this greek yoghurt-mascarpone base for more lunches, and look forward to trying out new ingredient combinations.


1 cup / 250g Greek-style yoghurt, plain
note: I use nonfat, and the amount of mascarpone added masks the sour taste.
2 T / 32g mascarpone
1T / 21g honey, ideally one with a strong flavor such as buckwheat honey
3-6T / 30-60g oats, rolled or steel-cut
1 segment of grapefruit
Pinch of grapefruit, lemon, or orange zest
Splash quality vanilla extract
Handful blueberries

The greatest charm of a parfait in a clear container is that the
fruit, oatmeal, and yoghurt often fall into a face-like shape.


Combine the honey and mascarpone, mixing well
Add in Greek yoghurt and scrape the grapefruit segment's pulp into the mixture, do not get any of the fibrous walls into the mix
Add vanilla and zest.  Mix until homogenous.
Layer blueberries, oats, and yoghurt mixture into a container or bowl.
Let sit overnight, chilled, or at least for two hours.

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