Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Russian-style Pancakes with Banana and Rye

Unfortunately, in the cooking process, I used the last
of the sour cream.  These are nice alongside powdered
sugar in a pinch.
Russians have a wide variety of pancake-like breakfasts: syrniki, which are dense and made of farmer's cheese, blini, which are very thin, and alladushki, which are like American pancakes, but denser.
This is a recipe for alladishki.  The alladushki are rather sweet on their own, and are best when served with sour cream, orange marmalade, or anything else with a sour note present.

While cooking, I used sour cream, although you can easily substitute strained yoghurt for it.


210g / 1.5 cup white flour
60g / 0.3 cup rye flour
50g / 0.25 cup sugar
8g / 2 tsp baking soda
dash salt
1g / 0.5 tsp cinnamon
2g / 1 tsp orange zest (dry)
130g / 0.5 cup sour cream
1 egg
45g / 2 Tbsp honey
200g / 1 cup milk
Oil or butter, for cooking
2 or 4 bananas
note: if you want the bananas to be on both sides of the alladushki, use 4.


Slice bananas into 1cm / 0.5 inch rounds.
Combine dry ingredients, mix well.
In a separate bowl, combine wet ingredients, except for the banana and mix well.
Heat a pan to medium-low temperature, and warm up oil.
Once the pan is hot, mix all of your wet and dry ingredients together.
Pour a large spoonful of batter onto the pan.
note: if you used 4 bananas, before pouring the batter, place 3-4 rounds onto the pan and put the batter on top of those.
Place 3-4 rounds of banana on the wet batter facing towards you.
Let sit until edges are just slightly browned, around three minutes, making sure not to burn the alladushki.
Flip alladushki over with a spatula and cook their other side for a bit shorter time, a little less than two minutes.
Cook all of the batter as such.
Serve hot or cold-- these keep well in the fridge,
 in an airtight container.