Monday, March 18, 2013

Healthy Chocolate Covered Fruit

In Russia, it is rather common to serve tea with small candies.  A popular sort of small candy is chocolate-covered dried fruit, stuffed with a nut.  This recipe recreates these candies, but while it is very tasty, it is also very ugly.  Do not let the appearance discourage you!
This procedure can be used as a guide for lots of different fruit and nut combinations.  My very favorite is prunes with toasted almonds.
The chocolate sauce can of course be substituted with simple melted chocolate.  The charm of the coconut-oil based coating is that it smells very strongly of coconut, and you control the amount and type of sugar as well as cacao powder.  If you do choose to use melted chocolate instead, know that the layer of chocolate on each fruit will be much thicker.
In such a simple recipe, quality must be high.  Use good chocolate, aromatic coconut oil, soft dry fruit, and toasted nuts for candies worth serving with tea.


18 dried apricots, whole
18 walnut halves
3T / 50g extra virgin coconut oil
3T / 25g cacao powder
2T / 25g sugar


Melt the oil and sugar.  Stir in the cacao powder, making sure to avoid clumps.
In each apricot, make a long slice, so that the apricot becomes a pocket.
Place one nut in each apricot.
Dip apricots in to the chocolate mixture, and place on a piece of parchment paper.
Move to a cold place.
At this point, the chocolate coating will be rather thin on the fruit.  If you wish to make it thicker, allow coating to dry and quickly redip the candies.
Allow the coating to harden completely, and serve.

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