Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sort-of-Healthy Donut Truffles

This recipe is inspired by all those truffle recipes floating around.  It is high in "good" fat and has some plant protein in it, and it tastes nice, too!  The coating of turbandino sugar has them reflect light in a very pretty way.
The truffles were meant to taste like traditional American donuts, and I think they do that pretty well.  Their texture, however, is much more dense than fried dough.


♕ 1 1/2 cups/220g cashews, soaked overnight (pre-soak amount)
♕ 1/2 cup/75g almonds, whole 
♕ 1/2 cup/85g golden raisins
♕ 3 T/50mL coconut oil, melted
♕ dash nutmeg
♕ 1 t/5mL quality vanilla extract
♕ pinch salt
♕ approximately 1/3 cup/60g turbandino sugar, powdered sugar, or ground almonds
note: if using ground almonds, also add 1/2 t almond extract to this recipe.  The turbandino sugar adds a crunch to an otherwise soft sweet, while powdered doesn't interfere with texture. 


♕ In a food processor, grind the almonds into a very fine powder.  
♕ Dump the raisins in, grind, and then add all other ingredients save for the turbandino sugar or powdered sugar.
♕ Process until the whole mess looks homogenous. 
♕ Dump the mixture into a bowl, and pinch off pieces roughly the size of a ping pong ball.
♕ Roll the pieces into sphered, and coat in the sugar or ground almonds
note: instead of rolling in sugar, you could also make a donut-like glaze from the powdered sugar and a few drops of an extract of choice, and cover the spheres in that.
♕ Place on a plate and refrigerate or freeze until serving.

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