Monday, February 25, 2013

Quick Fragrant Salad

Despite most of the recipes posted on my blog being desserts, I do actually consume not sweet things too, sometimes.  I am a bit embarrassed to post something so simple.
This is a very quick salad that can be made with any crunchy leafy green.  The amount made is very adjustable, so in addition to posting a recipe with volumes of ingredients, I will also post the ingredient ratios.


For the dressing

♕ 2t / 7mL sesame oil
♕ .5t / 2mL soy sauce
note: I used reduced sodium soy sauce
♕ 1T / 12mL mirin (a sweet Japanese cooking rice wine)
2t / 1g fresh dill, chopped
2t / 1g fresh parsley, chopped

The dressing marinates.
Which translates to
sesame oil:soy sauce:mirin:dill:parsley
note: it is very viable to mix a bottleworth of the dressing and keep it in the fridge, if you believe you will eat lots of this salad.  In fact, doing so will preserve your fresh herbs and give the dressing a very strong dill/parsley aroma.

For the salad

1.5 cup / 50g torn salad leaves, like boston, romaine, or iceberg
2t / 5g black sesame seeds


Mix the ingredients for the dressing as far in advance as you can.
Combine salad and dressing, garnish with sesame seeds.


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