Sunday, February 3, 2013

Raw, Vegan Berry Cheesecake

This post is about a recipe by the blogger, Fragrant Vanilla Cake.  I found her recipe for a raw vegan cheesecake and couldn't help but try it.  The results were great!  Very rich, flavorful, and so dense in nutrients.
The cheesecake's "cheese" is actually cashews that were soaked in water and pulverized.  The addition of coconut oil, lavender, lemon, vanilla, and blackberries makes it really darn good.
The only changes that I made to her recipe were:
A) instead of using only agave nectar for sweetness, I used equally raw cane sugar, honey, and agave.  I did this because of doubts about agave's healthiness, but still included the agave since honey has a very strong flavor and sugar is not a liquid.
B) I didn't make the frosting for lack of a young coconut, but if/when I remake this cake, the frosting will definitely be included, it looks so pretty!

I strongly recommend making your own opinion about this cake. The hands-on process is only about half an hour if you're quick and have a good food processor (and not making the frosting), but you need a total of 12 hours to make the cake come to its ready-to-eat glory.  


  1. Love your version of the cake, it is lovely! So happy you made it :)!

    Amy @ FragrantVanillaCake

    1. Aw, thanks Amy! I never pass up the chance to make, photograph, or eat yummy food :)